On the threshold of New Year Chupa Chups wanted to spread some festive vibe and reactivate the emotional bond with its fans giving out some cool gifts.


What more rewarding way to win prizes than testing your detective’s flair in a hide-and-seek quest! We created the platform “Fun forever” where people could register and get to play a detective in 14 different festive enigmas: for instance, finding the hidden gems in a party room. Unsurprisingly, a lot of participants were eager to get back on the landing page since every day we had a new mystery. One needed to get all 14 solved so as to take part in the raffle for the big prize.


The festive campaign managed to attract nearly 4000 users who played at least one mystery. The CPC results were impressive and we got a whole lot of positive feedback from participants. It was also a good tool to collect audiences for future marketing campaigns.