The Dots is a young agency with a team of experienced digital devotees, who secure the successful online presence of some of the largest brands on the Bulgarian market.
We use digital tools to tell real-life stories and - like mad scientists - test everything first on ourselves, so that you get proven and working digital solutions.


Market Analysis

We provide an in-depth study of the market in relation to a given brand and/or product, identifying opportunities and strategies to best fulfill the objectives of the brief.

Strategic Workshops

From short overviews of the latest developments in the digital landscape, to comprehensive strategy sessions designed to harvest solutions to fundamental marketing problems and to stimulate the joint creative energy of agency and client, in order to provide answers to peculiar issues.

Communication and creative strategy

Based on the client brief, debrief sessions, informal meetings, research and experience, the agency comes up with valid insights and builds a communication platform and creative strategy on the cross-roads of market situation, product specifics and target aspirations for maximum effectiveness.

Channel strategy and campaign management

Successful message delivery is paramount. So, we develop a media plan that ensures the right people get your message at exactly the right time. And, as this is a continuous process, we constantly monitor and optimize the performance so you get the biggest bang for your buck.


Brand Identity

Your brand essence needs visual representation? The Dots are happy to provide you with a logo, slogan, typographic strategy, total design and everything your brand needs to present itself to the world.

Web & Graphic Design

Great design works! That’s why we care about design so much! And are meticulous about details. Because you know where the devil is…


Today, more than ever, consistency and continuity are the name of the game. With abundance of media, second- and multiple screens and what not... We therefore craft our campaigns so that your brand essence is clear and strong, no matter the medium, material or technology used.

Social media

Content Strategy & Creation

Content is everything is everything is content. That’s why we tailor our content strategy carefully, so that it blends themes and sources to create a constant stream of relevant stories associated with the brand and presenting it at its best.

Bloggers and influencers management

They are the new content gods and media celebrities. Through strong working relationships with the best of them and looking out for the rising stars. we ensure strong endorsement of your brand, while managing the collaboration and the creative output so you don’t have to.

Community Management

Online communities need daily care, pampering and entertainment. In return, they become our brand advocates. We expertly use the best proven and most effective tools for community management and constantly innovate, implementing proprietary strategies based on our extensive experience in the field.


Websites & Microsites

We provide the full range of infrastructure for your online presence: a top-notch digital experience based on cutting-edge technologies like: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Yi1, Yi2 and JQuery. We also use the world’s top open source platform providers like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

Web, Mobile & Social Media apps

Our flexible proprietary developer tools and technological partnerships allow us to provide cost-effective solutions for your individual needs and goals.

Integrated online experience

Today’s multiscreen world demands seamless transition between devices, platforms and digital infrastructures. When designing the elements of your brand’s digital presence, we always go for a smooth integration between the elements in a consistent ecosystem with clear journey paths and intuitive navigation.




First, we need to hear from you: What you have, what you need, what you like. You can write it down, or, if you prefer, come to us and let’s just discuss, so we can get an idea about your business and the issues you want us to tackle.The_Journey_01


We then start to think about what you told us, building hypotheses, ideating, amassing the creative energy that will eventually lead to a working solution. You’re most welcome at this stage, also, as nobody knows your brand and your product as well.



After we have it all sorted out, we’d put it in a neat presentation where you would be able to see the solution we offer, but also, why we offer it. Ideally, we’ll be most happy if we can present it in person. After reviewing it, you come back to us with your feedback and adjustments. Finally, we agree on the final solution, put it down and we all know what we do from then on.The_Journey_03


Throughout the project, we constantly monitor and optimize whenever needed, always keeping you in the loop. We only deliver a project after all the necessary testing has been performed and smooth running has been secured. On a campaign, we always deliver a post-campaign report on KPIs as well as ad hoc reports upon request.