Once Upon A Time…

That’s How Fairy Tales Begin

Once Upon A Time…, the brand behind traditional Bulgarian-grown beans, lentils and rice, needed a strong differentiator and competitive advantage to gain on the foreign varieties which were becoming ever more popular in recent years.

Tastes Like Childhood

In order to have a strong communication platform, we turned to our favorite childhood Bulgarian fairy tales. Ever wonder as a child how the dishes you were reading about in fairy tales tasted? Did you ever beg you Grandma to prepare a magical dish from a story? Yeah, we did, too.
So, naturally, that became our communication platform: offer to our audience a chance to taste authentic recipes from our all-time favorite fairy tales. Naturally, they owed their taste to Once Upon A Time

Evokative Iconography

We created digital assets in the style of typical Bulgarian fairy tales illustration. Then we took our audiences on a magical journey into these tales and the food prepared in them. Banners cited famous dishes from well-known stories, leading to a Once Upon A Time landing page with the actual recipes, thus allowing (now-grown) kids to taste, for the first time, the magical dishes of their childhood.

Fairy Tale Indeed

“It was an amazing campaign, in the sense that we found out there is a true longing for traditional Bulgarian tastes. Audiences clicked to the creative imagery developed by the agency and readily took the journey to the world of traditional fairy tales and the tastes and flavors of their childhood, epitomized by Once Upon A Time…”  Mariana Mladenova, Marketing Director, SuiCo EOOD, owner of Once Upon A Time brand